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27 Mar -  all remaining CA slots are open to 9th grade and above 

31 Mar - TARC Launches

31 Mar - Essays DUE!!!

***1 Apr - Car Wash

25 Mar -Young Eagle Flights

3 Apr - TARC 1st round ends

4 Apr - Aeronautical Engineering Field Trip

13 Apr - Academy Night

15 Apr - O-Course Challenge

20-22 Apr - CIA Trip

29 Apr - Junior Olympics for Marksmanship

5 May - National Awards

5 Jun CLC Prep for Staff

6-9 Jun CLC to include overnight at Cathedral George



March 6, 2023 Booster Meeting Minutes

2022-23 Booster Welcome Letter


If you want to request AFJROTC for a function to include our Color Guard - Please Follow This Link for more information _______________

 DMS Flag Detail:
27-31 Mar
Hunter N.




 Meet the Cadre

Lt Col KO Field
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI)
Teaches pilot, ground school, and management classes
Lead cadre for:
Marksmanship Team
Cyber Patriot Team
Rocketry Team
Vex Robotics
Raiders (PT) Team 
Color Guard Presentations


SMSgt Kevin Robinson
Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)
Teaches Aerospace Science and Leadership Education
Lead cadre for:
Drill Teams


A famous Economist - Milton Friedman stated, "I am in favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it's possible."  


Col was recently asked, How do I Join Cadet Staff?

First - you need at least one full year as a cadet to qualify.  We have positions on staff that are selected and others that are volunteer.  Each Cadet Commander has some purview on how their staff is selected, and I leave it to them to inform me who is on staff.  There are a few positions like Cyber Patriot Commander that I directly assign based on experience.
If you are active - and want to be on staff, the Cadet Commander and senior staff will be your first step.  They assign a new staff after each Change of Command.


Weekly Quote

Do or do not.  There is no try.
- Master Yoda


Slots are still available for CA trip
All remaining slots are open to 9th grade and up
8 slots left as of 11 am on 27 March

Marksmanship Team
up to 6 new members may join the team for 2023/24 - See Lt Col Field
Marksmanship practice Fridays 1300-1500
Service event Friday @ Metcalf Funeral Home
Thanks to Jette and Nichole

Obstacle Course Challenge Information
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Review the SOP prior to the event.
 Ensure to bring snacks to eat throughout the day, as well as a refillable water bottle.  Lunch will be provided.  A sign-up is coming soon!
31 March Essays Due!!!!!
For "What Patriotism Means to Me"
Uniform Inspections
Wed/Thurs 5-6 April

Drill Teams!

If you're interested in joining a 
drill team next year click on the link below

Drill teams sign up

PT Test
Push ups (1 min), Sit ups (1 min), 1-mile run
PT Practice test:  29th (A-day) & 30th (B-day)
PT Assessment:  3 Apr (B-day) and 4 Apr (A-day)

Car Wash Fundraiser

**DATE CHANGE!** Sat, 1 Apr 0830-1330 (includes set up and clean up)

Café Zupas Fundraiser

Wednesday, April 12 4pm-9pm

Fundraising Information


 Cadet Leadership Camp - camp at Cathedral George on 6-7 June - all current AFJROTC students can attend free of charge.

SIGN UP NOW (click here)

As of 14 March - only 22 cadets have paid for the CA trip 
You may pay prior to your sign-up date - refunds will be given if you are bumped 
list of cadets that have signed up (paid) will be on white boards 
This includes direct contributions to a specific cadet
For donations to specific cadets - please put their name in comments


Aviation Club Each Monday 3 to 5 PM


Raiders practice on Fridays at 1245


Cadet Portraits are here!
Cadet-Only Baseball Hat Sales
Hats are available for $8.

Photo Albums - Please upload photos taken at events! **Only post good quality and appropriate photos to the folders.  Blurry and inappropriate photos will be deleted.**

 National Awards Ceremony Photo Album 



General Information for Dixie AFJROTC



Devil Pups Blog



Classroom Procedures

Cadet Guide

Cadet Code 

Ribbon Chart 

Award/Ribbon Descriptions 

Belts, Ribbons, Ranks, & Shoes 

30-step drill sequence manual

PFT Percentile Charts

PFT Awards Requirements

 PFT Instructions




Uniform Grade Policy
On first occurrence: If cadets are not wearing a uniform but are wearing their PT shirt, they will earn a 60% on inspection day. If they are not wearing a uniform or PT shirt, they will earn a 50% on inspection day if within grooming standards. Cadets can bring this grade up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day.
On second and future occurrence: Cadets not in proper uniform will earn a "zero" grade. This can be made up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day. 


PT Grade Policy

Cadets who do not come to class on a scheduled PT day can make up their grade by performing 30 minutes of physical exercise on their own at home and bringing in a note (or email) signed by their parent or guardian explaining what their 30 minutes of exercise consisted of.   



FAA motto: "We're not happy, until you're not happy".