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May 1, 2023 Booster Meeting Minutes

2022-23 Booster Welcome Letter


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 DMS Flag Detail: 17-21 April


Flag Detail 24-28 April






 Meet the Cadre

Lt Col KO Field
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI)
Teaches pilot, ground school, and management classes
Lead cadre for:
Marksmanship Team
Cyber Patriot Team
Rocketry Team
Vex Robotics
Aviation (Young Eagles)


SMSgt Kevin Robinson
Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)
Teaches Aerospace Science and Leadership Education
Lead cadre for:
Drill Teams


A famous Economist - Milton Friedman stated, "I am in favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it's possible."  


Col was recently asked, How do I Join Cadet Staff?

First - you need at least one full year as a cadet to qualify.  We have positions on staff that are selected and others that are volunteer.  Each Cadet Commander has some purview on how their staff is selected, and I leave it to them to inform me who is on staff.  There are a few positions like Cyber Patriot Commander that I directly assign based on experience.
If you are active - and want to be on staff, the Cadet Commander and senior staff will be your first step.  They assign a new staff after each Change of Command.


Weekly Quote

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” —B.B. King

Sun, 4 June @ 0600
Helping tear down and load vacuum system at Tagg-N-Go Car Wash

Note:  This is not an official JROTC event and will not have cadre present



5 Jun at 0900

Key Cadets Staff need to be at the building to help finalize plans for the CLC week 


Young Eagles Flights 10 Jun

Yes - get a FREE flight

email Kenneth.field@washk12.org for more information

                             Cadet Leadership Camp - camp at Cathedral Gorge on 6-7 June - all current AFJROTC students can attend free of charge.

SIGN UP NOW (click here)


packing list 


Fiesta Fun Bowling on 8 Jun

Sign UP  - lunch provided

Sign up for Marksmanship Camp Now - email kenneth.field@washk12.org
12 Jun is First Day with classroom and range time 
14 Jun range day 
15 Jun will be an off-site  

 Turn in Uniform
(You can still do make-ups until the end of this week)

You may keep your ribbons/ranks
You have the option to turn it in clean (dry clean for dark blue items) - or pay a $20 cleaning charge
Shoes, name tags, ribbons, and rank do not get turned in.

Link to build your new ribbon rack:
Ribbon Rack Builder


This includes direct contributions to a specific cadet
For donations to specific cadets - please put their name in comments


Aviation Club - stand by for future announcements


Cadet Portraits are here!
Cadet-Only Baseball Hat Sales
Hats are available for $8.

Photo Albums - Please upload photos taken at events! **Only post good quality and appropriate photos to the folders.  Blurry and inappropriate photos will be deleted.**

 2022 National Awards Ceremony Photo Album 



General Information for Dixie AFJROTC


Devil Pups Blog



Classroom Procedures

Cadet Guide

Cadet Code 

Ribbon Chart 

Award/Ribbon Descriptions 

Belts, Ribbons, Ranks, & Shoes 

30-step drill sequence manual

PFT Percentile Charts

PFT Awards Requirements

 PFT Instructions




NEW Uniform Grade Policy
Starting SY 23/24 - If a cadet fails to wear their issued uniform on inspection day, for three times in a row - they will be removed from the program.
On first occurrence: If cadets are not wearing a uniform but are wearing their PT shirt, they will earn a 60% on inspection day. If they are not wearing a uniform or PT shirt, they will earn a 50% on inspection day if within grooming standards. Cadets can bring this grade up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day.
On second and future occurrence: Cadets not in proper uniform will earn a "zero" grade. This can be made up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day. 


PT Grade Policy

Cadets who do not come to class on a scheduled PT day can make up their grade by performing 30 minutes of physical exercise on their own at home and bringing in a note (or email) signed by their parent or guardian explaining what their 30 minutes of exercise consisted of.   



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