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 If your cadet misses JROTC, please email karen.woods@washk12.org

 Personal Grooming Standards & How To Wear The Uniform

Cyber Patriot Team 
Practice Tue-Thurs 1445-1515
POC Josh B. and Matt M.                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Cadets of the 1st Quarter

Cadets Ethan and Colin are the Cadets of the 1st quarter 
for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the program.


Uniform inspections
Wed (A-day) & Thur (B-day), 17/18 Jan
--This week only--
Note:  Those going to Canyon Springs (including spectators) will wear their uniform on Saturday during the meet
Drill Practice Tue-Fri 1530-1700
This week to get ready for Canyon Springs

Fly Buy Workers: 
Friday 12 Jan: Chaynee, Matt M., Tyler, Maria
Monday:   MLK day     

Tuesday:  Brownie, Maria, Bladden, Z-Ray
Wednesday:  Logan Mths, Tanner R., Austin, Jade
Thursday: Logan Y, Nathan D., Maria, Zach-Jack   
Friday:  Sayuri, Haley, Darlin, Ethan, Maria
See Jackson B. to volunteer
20 Jan 0500 
Canyon Springs Drill Meet
10 seats still open

Meet Schedule
8-11 Feb SCIDM
Sign Up
17 Feb 1830 Military Ball
Experience the perfect balance of military tradition and fun! Dance to follow - signup

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2016-2017 Bus Schedule


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